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Habitat Partnership Providing Home Purchase Loans

Published: 12/28/2018

Family Trust Federal Credit Union recently announced an innovative partnership with Habitat for Humanity of York County to provide affordable new home purchase loans for qualifying Habitat homeowners

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Online Merchants Hit Hard: Formjacking Back With A Vengeance

Published: 12/26/2018

As consumers are aware of, hackers are always working to separate them from their hard-earned cash. This time, it's popular e-commerce websites that have been compromised.

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Ho Ho Ho, Where Did My Package Go?

Published: 12/11/2018

Cyber scammers don't take any time off for the holiday season. In fact, they're working overtime to take advantage of the spirit of giving.

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Family Trust Gives Back Year-Round

Published: 11/26/2018

Giving Tuesday kicks off the December holidays as the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In honor, Family Trust is proud to announce that in 2018 we?ve contributed over 420 volunteer hours to over local charities and donated over $100,000!

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Holiday Season Safety Tips

Published: 11/18/2018

Use these holiday shopping tips to keep you and your gifts safe this holiday season whether it is online or in store.

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Clues To Look For In Phishing Emails

Published: 10/15/2018

You're locked out of your bank account. Well, fortunately your financial institution will send you an email or text letting you know how you can unlock it. But hackers know this routine and are capitalizing on it using a well-known financial institution's name.

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Common Scams that Take Advantage of Natural Disasters

Published: 09/13/2018

There are a lot of scams being perpetrated by the unscrupulous wanting to make a buck. Many of them are surprisingly simple to pull off and therefore, persist and evolve over time and to keep up with current events.

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Beware of Free Gift Card Phishing Scams

Published: 08/29/2018

People can't resist the lure of free stuff. Cyber criminals know this and are always looking for ways to make a quick buck. Put these two together and you have the perfect scenario for a "free-stuff scam." The only problem is, the victim comes up empty.

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Invest Safely with Certificate Laddering

Published: 10/03/2018

You're probably familiar with the term "diversifying your portfolio" and the advice "don't put all your eggs in one basket." Without putting your money into a riskier investment option, Certificate Laddering is a simple solution.

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What's a Certificate and How to Use It

Published: 08/23/2018

Certificates help you grow your money faster. They are a type of insured savings account that earns money on a fixed amount for a period of time ending on the maturity date. At Family Trust, terms may run from a month to five years.

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Mobile Phishing on the Rise

Published: 07/31/2018

With users being three times more likely to click on a suspicious link on their mobile device, along with over half of mobile users tapping on a phishing URL, mobile phishing (or smishing) is a bigger problem than you think.

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