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Your money is only a phone call away with Family Trust Telephone Banking.

Telephone banking was upgraded over Memorial Day weekend as part of our System Upgrade. If you are accessing telephone banking for the first time since Tuesday, June 1, please follow the prompts to re-enroll your account (see "How to Enroll", below). 

Long Distance Toll Free: 1-800-927-0204
Local: 1-803-367-4110*
*Please note that we have been experiencing higher than normal call volume to our telephone banking system since the upgrade; in the event that your call is unable to be completed via the local number, please call our toll-free number. You will be able to access telephone banking in exactly the same way.


How to Enroll

  1. Call the local Telephone Banking number 803-367- 4110 or the toll-free, long-distance number 1-800- 927-0204.
  2. Select your preferred language. Press (1) for English, or (2) for Spanish.
  3. Enter your Family Trust Member Number follow by (#).
  4. Press (*) if you are calling for the first time since May 28, 2021, or if you have forgotten your PIN.
  5. Enter your Social Security Number.
  6. Select (1) to enroll a personal account, (2) to enroll a business account.
  7. Enter your date of birth (MMDDYYYY). (Example: January 15, 1985 would be 01151985)
  8. Enter a new 4-digit PIN that only you know.

You have now successfully setup your Telephone Banking access.

Helpful Hints

Entering Member Number & PIN

Enter your member number followed by the (#) sign when prompted, then wait for the prompt to enter your PIN.

Account ID Numbers

An Account ID number is the unique two-digit number that identifies each savings, checking or loan account. For example, your checking account might have an Account ID of -10, or -11. Sometimes Account IDs are formatted as four-digit numbers: two leading 0s, plus your two-digit ID (e.g. 0010, or 0011).

When playing back a list of your share or loan accounts, you will hear the Account ID in a two-digit format.

When transferring funds to another member, enter their member number followed by the four-digit Account ID number of the account you wish to transfer to. For example, to transfer funds to Member #123456, Checking-10, you would enter "1 2 3 4 5 6 0010."

Menu Options

  1. Main Menu (Option number will depend on what account types are available on your account):
    • (  ) Checking
    • (  ) Savings
    • (  ) Loan
    • (  ) Credit Cards
    • (  ) Other Account Types
    • (  ) More Options
    • (0) Representative 
      • Checking Menu
        • (1)  Balance
        • (2)  Withdrawals
        • (3)  Deposits
        • (4)  Transfer Funds To This Account
        • (5)  Transfer Funds From This Account
        • (6)  More Options
        • (9)  Main Menu
      • Savings Menu
        • (1)  Balance
        • (2)  Withdrawals
        • (3)  Deposits
        • (4)  Transfer Funds To This Account
        • (5)  Transfer Funds From This Account
        • (6)  Dividends
        • (9)  Main Menu
      • Loans Menu
        • (1)  Loan Information
        • (2)  Payoff Information
        • (3)  Make a Payment
        • (4)  Transactions
        • (9)  Main Menu
      • Credit Card Menu
        • (1)  Credit Card Information
        • (2)  Payoff Information
        • (3)  Make a Payment
        • (4)  Transactions
        • (9)  Main Menu
      • More Options
        • (1)  Lost Card
        • (2)  Transfer Money
        • (3)  Change PIN
        • (4)  Branch Locations & Hours
        • (5)  Set Up Preferences
        • (9)  Main Menu
      • Representative

Account Balance

The account information option provides the current balance and available balance (minus any pending authorization holds).

Additional Options

0) For Representative

#) Move forward to next item in transaction list

*) Go back to last item in transaction list

9) Return to Main Menu


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