Your money is only a phone call away with MyTalk Telephone Banking.

Local: 1-803-367-4110
Long Distance: 1-800-927-0204


How to Enroll

  1. Call the local Telephone Banking number 803-367- 4110 or the toll-free, long-distance number 1-800- 927-0204.
  2. Select option 4 for Change Access Code.
  3. Enter your Family Trust Member Number.
  4. Establish an Access Code by entering your Social Security Number.
  5. Then enter a new 4-digit Access Code and verify.
  6. Select 2 to continue to the main menu. You have now successfully setup your Telephone Banking.

Helpful Hints

Entering Member Number & Audio Access Code

Enter your member number when prompted, then wait for the prompt to enter your Audio Access Code.

Account ID Numbers

Your Account ID number is the two-digit number following your member number that identifies each savings, checking or loan account. For a list, go to the Main Menu, press 1 for account information.

Menu Options

Default is Touch Tone, press 2 for Speech Recognition. Then press or say any of the options below:

  1. Account Information
    1. Account Balance
      1. Checking
      2. Savings
      3. Loan Accounts
      4. Credit Card
    2. Account History
      1. Checking
      2. Savings
      3. Loan Accounts
      4. Credit Card
    3. Future Dated Transactions
      1. ACH Transactions
      2. Existing Scheduled Transfers
  2. Fund Transfer Activities
    1. Transfer Funds
      1. Transfer to occur immediately
        1. Checking Account
        2. Savings Account
        3. Loan Account
        4. Credit Card
      2. Schedule transfer
    2. Schedule a Funds Transfer
    3. Hear Existing Transfers
    4. Delete Existing Transfer 
  3. Payments
    1. Make immediate payment
    2. Schedule payment 
  4. Change Audio Access Code
  5. Merchant Check Verification

Account Balance

The account information option provides the current balance and available balance (minus any pending authorization holds). Go to the Main Menu, press 1 for an account balance.

Checks & Deposits

You can search for checks or deposits by date(s), check number, or amount/range. To find out what has cleared your account, go to the Main Menu, press 1 for account information.

Additional Options

0) For Operator

#) Repeat an Option

3*) Previous Menu


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