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Digital Banking


How do I log in if I’ve never used digital banking before?

New digital banking users must first register here.

How do I reset my password and/or unlock my account? 

To reset your password, if you are logged into digital banking, select Settings then Security. If you are not logged in, select “forgot password” from the login screen and follow the prompts. To unlock your account, from the login screen either on the website or your mobile app, select the option to reset your username and/or password and follow the prompts. Select “reset my password” and follow the prompts.

How do I update my contact information?

The quickest method is to log into your digital banking either via our website or mobile app. Once on your dashboard, you can go to Settings, and select the Contact tab. There, you will be able to update any and all contact information with us directly. Alternatively, you can stop by a branch location in person to update your contact information.

How do I view balance and account history?

Your dashboard will display your accounts and balances. Click on the account and the history will be displayed. To get more information on a specific item, click the transaction, which will take you to the detail's pages. Once there, you can review the amount and the spending category you’ve selected.

How do I set up mobile deposit?

Any eligible member registered for digital banking can make a mobile check deposit by logging into the Family Trust Mobile Banking app on a tablet or phone, and clicking "Deposit A Check". If it's your first time using this feature, you may be prompted to grant the app permission to access your camera, which is required for the feature to work. No other setup is required. Please be sure to follow the on-screen instructions, and endorse your check with "Mobile Deposit Only At Family Trust FCU."

How do I make a transfer?

Log into digital banking. Click the “transfer” icon on the left. Pick quick, classic, scheduled, or history.

Use “quick” transfer when you need to send money immediately from one account to another. Select the set amount in the box. Use “classic” transfer when you want to transfer specific amounts. Fill in the amount and the frequency. Add a reason if you want.

Review transfers at the schedule tab that displays transfers on calendars where you can edit or delete. The history tab lists previous transfers, how often they’re scheduled and the amount. Or search by account, date, or status.

How do I transfer money to another member?

Transfer money to another member by clicking “Transfer to another FT member” under Classic transfer. Put in the person’s last name, their member number, their share ID and then save. You can now transfer money to their account.

How do I transfer money outside the credit union?

Transfer money to your account at another financial institution by clicking “add an external account.” Indicate the account type, routing and account numbers, then confirm and save. Two deposit transactions will be sent to the account, which can take up to three business days to appear in your transaction history. Confirm when you get a message on your account page indicating there is a pending ACH account. You’ll need to verify the deposits that appeared in your account and confirm again.

How do I dispute a transaction?

To dispute a credit or debit card transaction or a transaction at an ATM, please call 1-888-333-4907

What are alerts and how do I create an alert?

Alerts help you remember to make a payment or to be aware of balances before spending. You’ll have a variety of options, including alerts for balances, deposits and withdrawals, loan payments and debit card purchase alerts. You can even get an alert when you’ve reached your savings goal or are falling behind.

Go to settings in the drop-down in the upper right corner and click on “notifications.” Choose the alert you want and click the gear to the right to indicate what account the alert is tied to. Next, indicate what triggers the alert and how often you want to receive it. Toggle on to receive the alert by email or text.

How do I set up goals for saving?

Savings tools can be set up on your desktop and viewed on any device. Set your goal, give it a name and even include a photo (like the ocean for a beach trip). Click the button to calculate how much you’ll need to save each month to reach your goal by the determined date.

You’ll be able to schedule deposits and get alerts when you’re behind, have made a deposit, or crossed the finished line. Create as many goals as you like.

How do I set up an external transfer?

From your online account, you will click on the "Transfers" tab. Next, from the sub-tabs, select "Transfer to Another Bank/CU". This is where you will enter the information for the account you want to transfer to/from. Once you have done this, we will send two small deposits ($1.00 or less) to that account for verification. When you are able to view those deposits, you will want to log back into your online account with Family Trust and go to your external transfer page. Click on "verify" and enter the two small verification deposits there. 

How do I transfer funds to another member?

Within your digital banking, select “transfers.” Next, select the option to “add an account at Family Trust FCU.” Once the box opens, fill out the information based on the member you are transferring too. Once completed, select the option to “save account for future use” then hit save.  Now, when you go to “transfers” and select the “to” account, the account should be an option.

How do I set up an automatic transfer?

First, log into digital banking and navigate to the Transfers page. Once there, you can set up the transfer how you wish for it to come out of and go towards. There will be an option in the lower portions that says “Frequency” and it automatically selects “One-Time” but this can be changed to however frequent you would like your automatic transfer to happen. Click on Submit Transfer at the bottom to confirm your information and it will show you your automatic transfer in the Scheduled page.

What is a Bill Pay payee?

A payee is the issuer of a bill that is due to be paid by you.

How do I add a Bill Pay payee?

Clicking “add payee” at the top of the payments page will walk you through a one time, step-by-step setup process to gather key information used to send your payments. Show me how.

Can a Bill Pay payee see my payment comment?

No. Comments are for your personal use only and will not be sent with your payment.

Can I make payments on a holiday or weekend?

No. Holidays and weekends are designated as ineligible for payment processing and will affect the dates available to select when scheduling your payments.

How do check memos work?

Memos are available for use when there is additional information about the payment you need to disclose. (Example: adding “apply extra payment to principal” on a mortgage payment.)

How do I set up recurring Bill Pay payments?

To set up a recurring payment, click the “frequency” option when making a payment. Select the frequency you want your payments to be automatically scheduled.

Can I see Bill Pay payments that will process more than 45 days from now?

Yes. You can view all your scheduled payments by clicking the “view more” link located in the “Pending” section of your payment page or the “view pending transactions” link available below the schedule payment section of your payment page.

Is there a cutoff date for editing or stopping a payment?

Yes. You may edit or stop a payment prior to 4:00 PM EST on the date the payment is scheduled to process.

Why is there a limit on the number of Bill Pay payees I can pay at one time?

A payee limit is set to ensure your payments are processed as efficiently as possible.

What is an eBill?

eBills present due dates and amounts from your billing statement to alert you when it’s time to schedule payments.

How do I set up an eBill?

Your payee must have a website available to view your bill online to be eligible for eBills. If your payee is eligible for eBills in bill pay you will need to provide the credentials to access the bill information for that payee. Show me how.

How does Bill Pay autopay work?

Autopay will schedule a payment for you when your new eBill arrives based on your preferences.

How do I rush a Bill Pay payment?

If you have a bill that’s too close for comfort to the due date, you can use the “Rush Delivery” link to select a guaranteed delivery option. if you choose UPS tracking, you can monitor the delivery of the payment in transaction history when you view the details. Fees will apply.

Can I add another Bill Pay pay from account?

A Pay From account can be added by accessing “My Account” and clicking the “Add Account” link located in the pay from account section.

How do I edit pay from account information?

A Pay From account can be edited by accessing “My Account”, clicking the “View Account” link, and clicking “edit” next to the pay from account.




How do I make my loan payment using an outside account?

From your online account, you will click on the "Transfers" tab. Next, from the sub-tabs, select "Transfer to Another Bank/CU". This is where you will enter the information for the account you want to transfer to/from. Once you have done this, we will send two small deposits ($1.00 or less) to that account for verification. When you receive the deposits, you will want to log back into your online account with Family Trust and go to your external transfer page. Click on "verify" and enter the two small verification deposits there. Once verified, you will have the option to begin transferring to/from that account.

How do I apply for a loan?

From your digital banking dashboard, you can select the option Apply from either the widgets on the left-hand side. On the mobile app, you can click Apply on the side bar menu. It will take you to a page to fill out some information to submit an application and it goes directly to a loan officer to review and reach back out to you.




What if I have a question about my mortgage or escrow?

Family Trust Mortgage Servicing has a dedicated phone line for members at 855-582-0225. Representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays Eastern Standard Time. They also have secure messaging through digital banking. Representatives are not available on federal holidays, or the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

How will I make my payment?

By automatic draft. You will need to sign a form that authorizes our subservicer to make the mortgage payment.

Transfer through digital banking.

Electronic Bill Pay. The address is 1 Corporate Drive, Suite 360, Lake Zurich, IL 60047

By mailing a check to Payment Processing Center, PO Box 371306, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7306. Coupons for payments will be included in the monthly statement.

At any of our branches.

When is my mortgage payment due?

All Family Trust mortgage payments are due on the first of the month.

What if I want to make my monthly payment early?

You can make a payment anytime and there are no pre-payment penalties.

What if my payment is late?

Payments are considered late on the 15th of the month. Late charges are accessed based on the amount of principal and interest due. The fee rate varies by state.

What if my check bounces?

Two attempts will be made to collect if a check or draft is returned for insufficient funds. Members will be charged a $20 returned check fee if the check doesn’t clear after two attempts. This fee is in addition to any charges that the financial institution may charge.

Can I pay by phone?

You can pay by phone by calling 855-582-0225. The fee will be $9.50 to make a payment using the automated system, and $11.50 if you need assistance from a representative. Automatic draft and online payments are both convenient and free.

Is there an extra charge for a paper statement?

No. All Family Trust mortgagors will receive a paper statement each month unless they make electronic payments online and opt for E-Statements through digital banking.

Can I get my statement via email?

Mortgage statements will be available electronically through digital banking. Click on the mortgage tab.

Will my mortgage information be available through digital banking?

Yes. You’ll find links to your loan summary and loan activity, information on your escrow, taxes and interest, and your E-Statement. You also can set your personal preferences, make a payment online, request loan documents, and find FAQs and our subservicer contact information.

Can I make extra payments and what is the benefit?

Yes, you can make extra principal payments. Please detail the amount of the principal curtailment on your payment advice/coupon. Your loan must be current with no fees outstanding before a principal curtailment will be applied. Making extra principal payments means your account will mature sooner resulting in less interest being paid over the life of the loan.

How do I change the mailing address on my account?

Mail a written request signed by all borrowers to:

Research Department,
1 Corporate Drive, Suite 360,
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Fax a written request signed by all borrowers to: 847-574-7659

How do I submit my payoff amount?

Ordering a payoff statement is easy using a touch-tone telephone and Family Trust Mortgage Servicing’s automated information system. Follow the prompts at 800-550-7400. The turnaround time for having a statement mailed is approximately 48-hours. Requests to have statements faxed are usually handled within 24 hours. You may also order a payoff statement by speaking directly with a Family Trust Mortgage Servicing Customer Service Representative. Please note that Family Trust cannot process the payoff.

How can I order a Verification of Mortgage (VOM)?

Mail a written request signed by the borrower(s) to:

Research Department,
1 Corporate Drive, Suite 360,
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Fax a written request signed by the borrower(s) to: 847-574-7659

How do I go about removing the Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) on my loan?

Contact Family Trust Mortgage Servicing’s Customer Service Group at 800-550-7400. If PMI cancellation is permitted on your particular loan, you will receive a package outlining the requirements to remove it from your account.

Will I receive the balance from my escrow account after I have paid my loan in full?

Once your loan has been paid in full, the escrow/surplus balance (if any) will be refunded to the mailing address on Family Trust Mortgage Servicing’s system in approximately 15 business days of the payoff transaction. If you are moving, please be sure to provide any change of address at the time of the loan payoff.

Where should I send my tax bills and general correspondence?

1 Corporate Drive, Suite 360,
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Where should I send my insurance bill?

PO Box 961292,
Fort Worth, TX 76161-0292

Call: 855-640-4865




How do I reset my PIN number for my debit/credit card?

You can reset your PIN by calling 1-888-333-4907 and following the prompts.

How do I block a card?

To report your card lost or stolen, call 1-888-333-4907.

How do I place a travel alert?

Your security is important to us. Please log in to digital banking and send us a secure message before you travel to other states or countries. If you're on a web browser you can also look for the "Member Services" icon in digital banking and fill out the "Travel Notice" form. For your protection, your card could be blocked when it's used in places that don't reflect your usual activity. If you do not have access to digital banking, please call us at 803-367-4100.




How do I view or redeem my debit/credit card points?

To view or redeem your extra award points, click on the "More" option from your digital banking account menu. The next screen will allow you to click on the sub-link for "Extra Award Points".  This will open a new window.

If you are not able to view your points total, you may need to accept the disclosures associated with this feature. You can do this by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and agreeing to the terms.

How does Fuel Redemption work?

  1. To redeem points at the pump or inside at the register, swipe your participating financial institution's rewards card at a participating fuel retailer. If you have at least 2,000 points available, you will receive a message on the pump or at the register asking if you would like to use 2,000 rewards points to get $0.50 off per gallon. The offer may also be presented while prepaying for fuel.
  2. Upon selecting "Yes", the per gallon charge will be lowered by $0.50. There is a maximum limit on the $0.50 discount of 20 gallons (or $10.00 off) at each visit.
  3. Once pumping is complete, your receipt will show that you received a discount off the fuel purchase (specific wording may vary by location).

What are eGiftCards?

eGiftCards are gift card barcodes that can be used online or in-store at the participating merchant. When you redeem your poits for an eGiftCard, we'll send it to the email address you provide at check out immediately. Since eGiftCards don't have to be shipped, you can redeem your gift card even sooner!

Why do I need to enter an email address when I redeem my points for an eGfitCard?

Your eGiftCard code will be sent to you via email. After you receive a confirmation email from us, you can use the code immediately to redeem at the participating merchant.

When will my eGiftCard be emailed to me?

You should receive a confirmation email from us immediately after placing your order. To ensure your confirmation email will not be accidentally misplaced, please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your safe senders list.

How do I know which gift cards are eGiftCards?

eGiftCards are labeled with a green flag in the Gift Cards reward category. You can also view eGiftCards in the eGiftCards subcategory.

I redeemed my points for an eGfitCard, but I haven't received a confirmation email, what should I do?

Please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your safe senders list and check your email account to see if the confirmation was accidentally filed into a spam folder. If you still cannot find the confirmation email, please contact customer service for assistance.




How do I place a check order?

If this is your first order, you may place your order by sending us a secure message in digital banking stating that you need to place a new check order. Once logged into your digital banking Dashboard, select "More/Other," "Messages," then "Compose." For the subject, select "Account - Info/History." Please verify that the address on your account is correct before requesting your order, as checks will be printed with and mailed to the address we have on file. To check your address, select "More/Other," "Settings," then "Contact."

For check reorders, once logged into your digital banking Dashboard, select "More," then "Check Reorder" and follow the instructions.

Once a check order is placed, it can take 11-14 business days for the checks to arrive.

For assistance by phone, you may contact our Member Support Team at 1-803-367-4100, option #1.

How do I deposit a check?

Mobile Deposit is the fastest method of depositing a check using our Mobile Deposit feature in our mobile app. Other options include visiting any one of our branch locations during business hours, by using our Night Drop deposit box in our branch drive thru lanes or by depositing through one of our ATMs.


Payments & Wires


How do I set up Apple Pay?

Visit https://apple.com/apple-pay/ to learn more and see where you can use Apple Pay.

How do I place a stop payment?

To place a stop payment, you may send us a secure message through digital banking. Once logged into your digital banking Dashboard, select "More," "Messages," then "Compose." For the subject, select "Other," then select the applicable account from the dropdown menu. In the message section, provide the details of the item you wish to stop payment. A representative will review your message and contact you to complete your request. You may also contact our Member Support Team at 1-803-367-4100.

Please note, transactions processed using your Visa Debit or Credit Cards cannot be stopped.  Please call us at the number on your card if you need assistance with a card transaction.

What are your wiring instructions?

Incoming Wires – There is a $10 incoming wire transfer fee that will be deducted from the incoming wire.

Receiving Financial Institution:

Family Trust Federal Credit Union
225 W White St
Rock Hill, SC 29730
ABA# 253279659

Domestic Outgoing Wires – There will be a $20 outgoing wire transfer fee deducted from your account.  Wires requested before noon will be submitted the same business day and after noon will be submitted the following business day. Please note, we are unable to confirm when the wire has been received by the receiving financial institution. You may visit any one of our branch locations to process an outgoing wire transfer.




What are the mailing addresses for Family Trust?

Regular Mailing Address: Family Trust FCU, PO Box 10233, Rock Hill, SC 29731

Overnight Mail Only: Family Trust FCU, 1615 Progress Way, Rock Hill, SC 29730. 

What are your hours?

Family Trust is open Monday – Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This is for our lobbies, drive thru lanes, and our Member Support call center.

How do I open an additional account?

You may apply for an additional savings or checking account in digital banking.  Once logged into your digital banking Dashboard, select "Apply," then "Open Additional Account." Available products with the option to be opened online will display. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed within one business day.

Can I open a Business Account?

Family Trust does not currently offer Business Accounts.

How do I locate my account number/routing number?

Within digital banking, from the dashboard screen, select the account you would like the information for, then select account details. The MICR number is your full account number, which should be 13 digits in length. The routing number for Family Trust is 253279659.

Do you offer notary services?

Yes, we offer notary services to our members at any of our branch locations.


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