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Had a Phishing Attempt Lately?


Had a Phishing Attempt Lately?

Phishing - sounds fishy, right?

Family Trust has become aware of recent fraud schemes in our area. These phishing schemes are texting members a link to a fraudulent app that appears with the Family Trust logo. While similar in design, this is not our app.

Family Trust will never text or call you to log in to your online banking or validate your credentials. Always use the downloaded app from the App Store or Google Play to securely access your account.

This is a type of scammer that attempts to be a copycat, sending emails that look like they're from your credit union, stating that your account was hacked, or asking to verify your login information. They may even throw in a sneaky link or a spoofed number to make it look like it's really coming from your credit union. Here are some things you can do to prevent an attempted phishing attack:
Don't give personal information through calls, emails, texts, or social media. Your credit union or bank will never call and ask for this.
Don't click on questionable links or call any provided numbers. 
Get virus protection on your devices.
Be extra careful reading your emails; sometimes scammers will combine letters to make them look like another letter like 2 V's for a W or rn for "m". You can also go directly to a company's website and verify their contact email or phone number. 
Ask yourself if the message you received even makes sense with any of your spending habits.

When you're in doubt if it's a good link or phone number, contact your credit union or bank directly.
We've got your back. At Family Trust we have tools like IDProtect that offer identity monitoring that searches and monitors thousands of databases and billions of records looking for suspicious activity that could indicate the beginning steps of identity theft. Login online and go to Your Loyalty Benefits and see your Identity Monitoring Risk Score as one of your Loyalty Checking benefits*. ID Protect and Identity Monitoring are also available for subscription with True Choice Checking for just $3.95 per month. 

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