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Remember My Name

I’ve got a bit of a confession to make. I am horrible with remembering names. This is not a rare phenomenon, as many struggle with this same thing, but recently it has bothered me more so than usual.


Case Study: Fire Me

In the month of July, we had a very minor stock market pullback.  Nevertheless, it was enough to cause a bit of worry for conservative investors.  What I am about to describe actually happened, but of course, I changed the name to protect the innocent.


Montauk To Me

I am flying to NYC this evening to ride in the “Ride to Montauk” cycling event.  Each person who has asked me about this trip is both intrigued and confused.  They are interested in the fact that the ride is 108 miles long, but at the same time wondering why someone would CHOOSE to suffer on a bicycle for 6+ hours.


My Wall of Worry

OK, so about a year ago, I decided to get into cycling. I was in NY/NJ visiting a friend, and he showed me the bike he had purchased that was meant to be “for bigger guys.”  I was hooked, but just didn’t know it yet.


The Poor Man's Trust

Many attorneys are doing a phenomenal job of scaring people into creating trusts.  Truthfully, unless some unusual requests are to be made as part of your estate plan, very few people actually need trusts.  If that is the case, then WHY do so many people have trust accounts as part of their estate plan?