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Digital Banking

Digital Banking Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new?

Our digital upgrades will enhance your banking experience whether you’re on your desktop, phone or table. Changes include robust budgeting and saving tools, streamlined navigation, and responsive viewing with minimal resizing, panning and scrolling.

We’ll also offer account aggregation so you can easily move money between your accounts at Family Trust and other financial institutions.

Mobile users also will find more functionality that include being able to make a mortgage payment, secure messaging and more.

When will digital banking be upgraded?

Upgrades are expected later this spring.

How long will it take for the upgrade?

Access to online and mobile banking will be unavailable for about an hour during the switch. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How will I upgrade my digital banking?

If you used online banking prior to the upgrade, you will need to register for the first time through a desktop site.

Mobile users will need to download the new app from the App Store. If you open the former app, a message will direct you to the App Store.

Can I register with the new platform through the mobile app?

If you have never used Family Trust’s online banking, you can register as a new user on the app as soon as it is available.

Previous online users will register for the first time through a desktop site.

Can I keep my username and password?

You can use your current username and password provided it has at least eight characters and contains at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Changing your password periodically helps keep your information safe, so it may be a good time to create a new one.

How do I reset my username or password?

Please call us at 803-367-4100 to reset your username or password.

Will I still need a one-time-pin?

When you log in for the first time after you’ve registered on the new system, you’ll receive a one-time-pin for security purposes. After that, you’ll have the option to remember multiple devices.

How do I log in for the first time after the upgrade?

Find the log-in box at familytrust.org. Enter your current username and click login.

To verify your identity, please enter your temporary password. This will be the last 6 digits of your Social Security number and your 8-digit birthday. Do not use special characters or spaces. For example, if the last 6 digits of your Social Security number are “123456” and your birthday is 01/10/1900, your temporary password would be: 12345601101900. Then click login.

You’ll be prompted to create a new unique password that must be at least 8 characters, contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Confirm and click continue.

Select a confidence image and description text or “Image Secret” that you will see every time you login.

Review your email, phone number and time zone information, and click continue. It will take a few moments for your account information to load in.

How do I log in if I’ve never used online banking before?

Signing up for online banking for the very first time will not be available until after the initial roll-out so we can give current users quicker access to their accounts. We’re excited to offer online banking to brand-new users and plan to offer the option as soon as possible.

How do I view balance and account history?

Your dashboard will display your accounts and balances. Click on the account and the history will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

To get more information on a specific item, click the transaction, which will take you to the details pages. Once there, you can review the amount and the spending category you’ve selected.

With our new responsive design, you can complete this process on your desktop, tablet or phone.

How do I make a transfer?

Log into digital banking. Click the “transfer” icon on the left. Pick quick, classic, scheduled, or history.

Use “quick” transfer when you need to send money immediately from one account to another. Select the set amount in the box. Use “classic” transfer when you want to transfer specific amounts. Fill in the amount and the frequency. Add a reason if you want.
Review transfers at the schedule tab that displays transfers on calendars where you can edit or delete. The history tab lists previous transfers, how often they’re scheduled and the amount. Or search by account, date, or status.

How do I transfer money to another member?

Transfer money to another member, by clicking “add account” under classic transfer and click “at Family Trust FCU.” Put in the person’s first and last name, their account number and the amount. They will receive an email notifying them of the connection.

How do I transfer money outside the credit union?

Transfer money to your account at another financial institution, by clicking “add account at another bank.” Indicate the account type, routing and account numbers, confirm and save. Two deposit transactions will be sent to the account, which can take up to three business days to appear in your transaction history.

Confirm when you get a message on your account page indicating there is a pending ACH account. You’ll need to verify the deposits that appeared in your account and confirm again.

Why would I need an alert?

Alerts help you remember to make a payment or to be aware of balances before spending. You’ll have a variety of options, including alerts for balances, deposits and withdrawals, loan payments and debit card purchase alerts. You can even get an alert when you’ve reached your savings goal or are falling behind.

Will my alerts from the old platform still be available?

Unfortunately, all alerts set up on the former system will no longer be available. However, it’s easy to set up alerts in the new platform.

How do I set up alerts?

Go to settings in the drop-down in the upper right corner and click on “notifications.” Choose the alert you want and click the gear to the right to indicate what account the alert is tied to. Next, indicate what triggers the alert and how often you want to receive it. Toggle on to receive the alert by email or text.

How do I set up goals for saving?

Savings tools can be set up on your desktop and viewed on any device. Set your goal, give it a name and even include a photo (like the ocean for a beach trip). Click the button to calculate how much you’ll need to save each month to reach your goal by the determined date.

You’ll be able to schedule deposits, and get alerts – when you’re behind, have made a deposit or crossed the finished line. Create as many goals as you like.

What’s next?

We plan continuous design updates once we’ve launched the new platform. Later this year, we plan to introduce loan applications on the mobile app, and chat and video chat on your phone, tablet or desktop.