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Finish The Year Strong


By: Sharon Brooks, Family Trust Financial Counselor

Finish The Year Strong

What does it mean to finish the year strong? That looks different for everyone, depending on your situation.

Look at your finances for October. How did you do? Did things go as planned or did some unexpected expenses come up? Are there some areas that you need to adjust in?

No matter how October looked for you financially, November is a new month and a time to set fresh goals. What do you want to accomplish in November or through the end of the year?

When working on your goals, one important thing to remember when working on your goals is to be intentional. Just as you wouldn't expect to run a race without training, you shouldn't expect your finances to be what you want them to be if you aren't intentional.

Being intentional means monitoring your account and adjusting as needed throughout the month. It also means sometimes having to make tough decisions regarding needs and wants. This is especially true as the holidays approach. Long-term goals are important but remember that it takes small steps to get you there.

If you'd like me to help you set goals or review your budget, visit our website to request an appointment.

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