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The Benefits of Using Mobile Pay


The Benefits of Using Mobile Pay

Why fumble for your wallet when you can pay using your phone when checking out?

Contactless payment via digital wallets and mobile payment apps are more popular than ever.

Here are some benefits to consider.


The biggest and most obvious draw of mobile payments is their convenience, no more pawing through cards or cash at the checkout. Just pull out your phone, open your digital wallet app, and tap or wave your phone near the payment-enabled terminal.


Using a mobile payment app to complete a purchase has several security advantages over traditional payment methods.

First, it eliminates the need to carry around cash or credit cards, which always have the risk of being stolen or lost. Misplaced credit cards can be a nightmare for consumers, making them vulnerable to identity theft.

Second, mobile-payment apps use extra security measures to protect user data, such as encrypting all personal information and utilizing biometric authentication features like fingerprint scans and facial recognition.

Finally, each transaction on a mobile payment app is tokenized. This means a one-time code generated by the payment terminal or a “token.” The token is used to complete the transaction in place of the buyer’s actual payment information. The token cannot be used for any other purchase and is useless if hacked. This helps protect the buyer from fraud.


Mobile payments are super-fast, and digital wallets can easily be integrated with money-management apps, making budgeting easy. Every transaction is instantly recorded for future reference and review.

Family Trust currently offers Apple Pay, and we are in the process of adding Samsung and Google Pay. Follow Family Trust’s social websites and for updates.

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