Skip-Pay Flexibility


Skip-Pay Flexibility

At Family Trust, we’re dedicated to making members’ lives and finances as easy as possible, like our Skip-Pay Payments. In order to give members more freedom, members can skip a closed-end consumer loan payment for any month you choose for $25.

You can skip a loan payment up to twice a year. This flexibility allows members to skip a payment any time during the year versus only during the holiday season.

Here are the details:

The $25 fee will be added to the loan skipped.

  • Skip ANY MONTH you like!
  • Loan must have at least 6 payments made on it before eligibility.
  • A minimum of 6 payments must be made between skipped payments.
  • No more than 2 skipped payments per loan per year.
  • Minimum monthly payment to skip is $40.
  • Maximum skipped payments for the life of a loan is 6.

Use a Skip-Pay during a month where you are planning a vacation, a large purchase, or during the holidays. The choice is up to you. Skip your loan payment when you need to. To get started, visit your local branch or call 803-367-4100.

1 Interest will accrue as usual for the skipped month. Loans and shares must be in good standing. Loans must not be delinquent to qualify for Skip Pay. Skip Pay is not available for loans secured by real estate and lines of credit. If loan payment is auto-drafted, call 803-367-4100 to schedule your skip pay.

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