About Us

Family Trust has six convenient office locations, three in Rock Hill, one in Fort Mill, one serving York and one in Clover serving the western parts of the county. Family Trust strives to meet the needs of this growing and prosperous county.

Although our credit union looks somewhat like a traditional bank and we offer many of the same services, you’ll find that we are uniquely different in many ways. Family Trust is cooperatively owned by member-depositors. Unlike the stock-owned banks, our chief objective is not for profits or increased value for a few stockholders. Our focus is not on the success of the credit union, but rather we are unconditionally committed to helping all credit union members achieve their own financial success. We believe that this will assure the ongoing success of Family Trust.

Names are important because they define who we are to the community. The name Family Trust is the perfect example. Trust is a powerful word that describes a relationship of the highest value. There are many levels of trust but there is none greater than the trust of your family. When all else is gone and others have failed you, you can always trust and depend upon your family. This describes the relationship that we seek with all of the members of our family at Family Trust Federal Credit Union.

If you are not already a member, then we invite you to join our family. Isn’t it time for you to discover a ‘relationship you can trust?’

Thank you for your interest and thank you for visiting our web site. We welcome your comments by call, visit or email.

Family Trust Mission Statement

“The mission of Family Trust is to help people achieve financial success.” In order to fulfill this mission, we must be uniformly committed to a set of core values that define how we treat our employees, how we serve our members, and how we serve our community.

  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Highest reputation for ethics and integrity
  • Participation promotes ownership
  • Caring for our employees will result in employees caring for members
  • Investing in the success of others will assure our own success
  • Fanatic discipline is our approach to achieving great things
  • We are totally committed to fulfilling the “mission” of Family Trust with a real sense of urgency and passion