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Case Study: Stay Classy

Just to refresh your memory, if I write a “case study” blog, it is an event that actually happened.  I do not make these up, although I might embellish a bit to make the stories more interesting.  That is creative license, and believe me, as the reader, you should thank me….if I told these “to-the-detail” how they actually happened, my blog would morph into the prescribed treatment for insomnia.


The Summer Blockbuster

For movie buffs like me, summertime is the best season of the year because normally Hollywood chooses to release the large “blockbuster” films during the warm months.  One can speculate about the possible reasons for this, but it is a phenomenon that has existed since Jaws debuted in the summer of 1975. 


The Literal Free Dinner

About a month ago, my parents received an invitation to a financial seminar.  This is very common since they are retired and live in a decent neighborhood.  Being the good Dad he is, my father always gives me the invitations they receive so that I can copy the good marketing ideas.