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2012 Outlook: Meeting in the Middle

Recently we have experienced a market of extremes. In 2012, finding a middle ground, or Meeting in the Middle, is going to be key for growth in the markets and economy. Consumer sentiment, business leaders, policymakers and geopolitics are going to have significant impact on the investment environment. We believe that:


Will Santa Claus Bring Higher Stock Prices?

There are two types of people in the financial business:  those who don’t know and those who don’t know that they don’t know.  After 17 years in this industry, this statement makes even more sense to me today than it did initially. In my opinion, it is useless to forecast what the economy/stock market might do because nobody has shown the ability to accurately do so.


What To Do With That Rock

As a kid, there was nothing that I liked more than going to my grandparents’ farm in West Virginia. The animals and acres of open land offered many opportunities for a youngster to have some serious fun and, from time to time, find a bit of trouble to get into. However, I never understood springtime on the farm. Every other house along the four-hour drive from my home to the farm looked so green and adorned with flowers, while my grandparents’ farm in the spring consisted of acres of dirt as far as the eye could see. It certainly didn’t look like spring.


The Unwelcome House Guest

Have you ever had a houseguest that immediately “wore out his welcome?”  You know the one…as in the one you want to leave as soon as possible.  No matter how short their length of stay, it is still too long in your book.