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2012 Outlook: Meeting in the Middle

Recently we have experienced a market of extremes. In 2012, finding a middle ground, or Meeting in the Middle, is going to be key for growth in the markets and economy. Consumer sentiment, business leaders, policymakers and geopolitics are going to have significant impact on the investment environment. We believe that:


Friday Night Lemonade

I am writing this blog on a chilly December Friday night.  We got home around 7:50 pm, had the kids in bed by 8, and my Mrs. went out for a glass of wine with a friend.


Scrooge's Financial To-Do List

As we enter the holiday season, many investors tend to neglect their investment portfolios.  There are so many things to worry about already.  If your holiday season looks like ours, it can be summarized by this run-on sentence:  Thanksgiving Dinner, family in town, the annoying in-laws, Christmas shopping, decorating the house, reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to our little ones….Christmas is gone.  Time to break out the bubbly and kiss the one you love as they scream “HAPPY NEW YEAR” while you ponder how long that resolution will hold. 


The Literal Free Dinner

About a month ago, my parents received an invitation to a financial seminar.  This is very common since they are retired and live in a decent neighborhood.  Being the good Dad he is, my father always gives me the invitations they receive so that I can copy the good marketing ideas.


How To Be A Rich Man

Recently, someone asked me “what do you want for Christmas?”  In our household, it is still a bit early to be discussing this since we do not prematurely prepare for holidays.  We are still in the planning stages for our Thanksgiving feast, and Christmas is not on our radar yet.