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Fire In Your Belly

Two weeks ago, our local school bus driver decided to move on to another career.  Although it was a great move for her, as she got the opportunity to do what she has always wanted to do, it was a BIG LOSS for us.  Miss Kathy has always been an inspiration to me, personally, and she has no idea why.


Play On Playa

This idea started after a conversation with a good friend of mine. This person is an MVP for his company. Most Valuable Player. He not only completes his job description with passion…he does more. Takes the next step. Thinks of things critically, and has the stones to take the risk of being on that proverbial limb by himself.


Take a Deep Breath

Hi folks…I know you are scared. You are scared about the government shutdown, and what it might mean for your money. How do I know this? Well, lets just say that managing money for over 400 families helps me keep my proverbial finger on the pulse of mainstream America.


Greatest of All Time

There have been so many articles written about Mariano Rivera’s pending retirement, that I won’t even try to say something new. It has all been written.