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The Sophisticated Tither

For all of the outsiders that might be reading this, the southeast region was dubbed the “Bible Belt” due to its socially conservative political leanings and an extremely high Christian Church concentration.  This area is home to me, and it has had quite an impact when it comes to how I view finance and how I disperse advice.


When Should I Start Investing?

One of the most commonly used clichés in the investment business is “it is never too early to start investing” or “it is never a bad time to invest.”  As is the case with most clichés, they contain an element of basic truth but are not widely applicable in most cases.  


What Is A "Wall Street Steward?"

Whenever someone asks me “what do you do for a living,” I have a momentary mental pause and recall the dozens of canned and insincere answers that I have heard other advisors spew.  You know the ones…..the “elevator speeches” (ones so rehearsed and brief that one could deliver it to a prospect in an elevator).