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Know Thy Name!!

Every once in a while, something happens that elicits a good belly laugh.  In this business, the ability to add levity to a situation is a true talent. We deal with so many serious, stressful issues so when something happens that makes me laugh, I remember it…and blog it.


A Lesson In Customer Service

Customer service is becoming a lost art these days.  Most companies either have more $business$ than they know what to do with and don’t care if they lose a sale, or are ignorant to the fact that their service is subpar.


Never, Ever Blame...Never, Ever.

Recently, I was running late for an appointment at another branch.  I was on pace to be about 15 minutes late, and, as usual when you are running late…I caught every single red light and got stuck behind the 4 foot 3, 92 year old lady.