Reach your goals


We have over 50 years of experience in helping people save money; in fact, it was the premise that Family Trust was built on. We have several options to help you accomplish your saving goals – whatever they may be.

Your deposits = ownership in the credit union
Earn dividends while you save
Your money is easily accessible
Access accounts anywhere with online banking
Options to manage short- and long-term goals

“The interest rate for PayBack Savings really appeals to me – It’s the best around here. I like not tying up my money in case I see something I want.”

Members since 1985

“I LOVE PayBack! I moved but kept my accounts because of it. Where else can I get 24/7 access, have ATM fees refunded, and higher card dividends?”

Members since 1999

“I remember the days where there was 18% interest – those rates are non-existent today. So at these rates, it’s the perfect place for my wife and I to keep our savings – for the short and long-term."

Member since 2011

“I love it because of it’s high interest rate, and it’s very flexible. It’s not like a CD where its locked in for years. Add money and take it out whenever you need it. It’s a very flexible savings account.”

Sammy and daughter Justina
Members since 2012

“I’m a huge fan of Family Trust, and I like Payback Savings! My wife and I have an emergency fund Payback and one for our travel fund. We like that we can access the money whenever we need it!”

Member since 2006