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Last Updated: 6/18/2021 

We are live on our new system!

You've been hearing a lot from us about our system upgrade, and the big weekend has finally passed. Please use this page as a resource; we'll keep it up to date with all of the latest information, reminders, and frequently asked questions as they come in.

Latest Updates

Friday, June 18

We are aware that qualifying non-Family Trust ATM fees are not being automatically refunded at this time, and we're working to correct this issue. For accounts that qualify, June ATM fee refunds will be issued by the end of the month. Thank you for your patience!

Friday, June 4

Reminder: call center hours are extended to 7:30 am - 6:30 pm today.

Thursday, June 3

A number of automatic transfers, external included, scheduled to occur during May 24-28 did not process. Please review transfers in your account history and in the event of a missed occurrence, make a one time transfer for the month of May. Automatic transfers will resume in June. Apologies for the incovenience. 

Our call center hours have temporarily been extended to better serve you.

Thursday, 6/3: 7:30 am - 6:30 pm
Friday, 6/4: 7:30 am - 6:30 pm

Wednesday, June 2

Cards: ALL known issues affecting cards were resolved yesterday evening (Tuesday, June 1). We apologize for the inconvenience caused to those impacted. Please reattempt card transactions today.

Transaction posting: Please note when reviewing your accounts that transactions from over the weekend will show a posting date of June 1. The description detail may look slightly different than it has in the past.

Tuesday, June 1

12:15 PM:  ATM deposit functionality has been restored. 

11:30 AM:  The previously identified issue affecting a small number of cards is resolved; all debit & credit cards should now be fully functional. 

10:30 AM:  Telephone banking is up and running! Please call the toll free number 1-(800)-927-0204, and check out this page for a guide to our updated call menu.

8:30 AM:   We are excited to serve you after a busy holiday weekend! Regular business hours, today (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM). We appreciate your patience as we navigate our new system.

Sunday, May 30

1:00 PM:   Digital Banking has been restored with some service limitations.
Please note when reviewing your account transaction history from this weekend that it may be the afternoon of Tuesday, June 1 before all weekend transactions post to your account.

Please continue to track your spending until then.

We are aware of a small number of cards not functioning and we are working diligently and as quickly as possible to get this issue resolved.

Friday, May 28

6:00 PM:   Digital & Telephone Banking is unavailable for the weekend.
*Please make note of checking account balances prior to 6 PM, and track your spending over the weekend. It may be the afternoon of Tuesday, June 1 before all weekend transactions post to your account.

4:00 PM:   ATM deposit functionality is now unavailable as upgrade activities commence. We will communicate once the upgrade is complete and ATM deposits are restored. 

We’re upgrading to serve you better. 

Every day, in everything we do, your interests come first. To continue focusing on you, we are upgrading our banking system to simplify and enhance your member experience. Below, we outline some changes you may notice.

Beginning the evening of Friday, May 28 through Memorial Day Weekend, we will be making an internal system upgrade that will enhance many of our processes, and ultimately allow us to provide you with better service.

Most of the impact will be behind-the-scenes, but we are excited to show you a few changes you can expect. There will be no changes to your account number, routing number, checks, and Debit/Credit cards. We will keep this page up to date as we approach the weekend of our upgrade, so please be sure to check here back for resources, information, and FAQs.

We appreciate your patience as we make this transition and look forward to serving you with our new and improved system and capabilities!

What changes will I see?

Account-Centric to Member-Centric

When you call or visit Family Trust, all your accounts and information can be found under your name as well as your account number.

This means that when you log into digital banking after the upgrade, you will automatically see all accounts associated with your name—all shares, loans, and special accounts tied to you, even if they’re accounts you are joint on under separate memberships. No more separate logins or extra configuration required to see everything in one place. (And rest assured, you will still have the option to customize which accounts you see online, and how—you can nickname, color-code, and even hide accounts from view).


Digital Banking:
Current Login

Digital Banking:
Post-upgrade Login

Jamie is the primary owner of
account #1

Jamie is a joint owner of her daughter’s checking account under account #2

Jamie logs into her account #1 and sees all of its shares, loans, and special accounts.

Additional setup or a separate login is required for Jamie to see her daughter’s joint checking account under #2

Jamie will log into digital banking and see listed in one place all accounts linked to her name: her own primary shares and loans, as well as her joint checking account.

Sam is the primary owner of account #3.

He is not a joint owner of any other share or loan within the credit union.

Sam logs into digital banking and sees all shares, loans, and special accounts under
account #3.

No change, since Sam is not joint on any additional accounts.

Telephone Banking Upgrade

Our telephone banking system will be getting an upgrade as well. Your first time accessing telephone banking after May 28, you will be prompted to re-enroll using your Social Security Number and date of birth, and set a PIN to use going forward. You may notice slight changes to the voice and prompts, but the functionality available to you will remain the same. Check out our telephone banking website page for a guide to the updated menu options and prompts after the upgrade.


Month End and Credit Card Statements will look slightly different—no dramatic change, but we want to make you aware that there will be small differences.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the system upgrade?

We are upgrading our internal core banking system—the technology at the center of all our operations.

Why is this upgrade taking place?

You—our members—are top of mind in all that we do. And banking technology, like all technology, is continually evolving. By upgrading our system we better position ourselves to provide you with the best banking experience possible—now and in the future. While most of the changes will be behind-the-scenes, this upgrade will improve many of our processes, and allow us to provide you with faster and more efficient service throughout our channels.

When will the upgrade take place?

The upgrade will begin the afternoon of Friday, May 28 and progress over the holiday weekend, to be completed the morning of Tuesday, June 1.

Why do this over a holiday weekend?

The credit union chose the long weekend to give our team enough time to complete the upgrade while minimizing impact on members. You will still be able to use your debit and credit cards, and access cash at ATMs over the weekend. Please view the FAQs on our website page for additional information as we will be updating it often.

Is my money safe?

Yes! The system upgrade does not transfer funds in or out of your account.

Is the upgraded system secure?

Absolutely! Data security is a top priority for Family Trust, and we have thoroughly vetted and tested our upgraded systems. Your financial data is safe and sound!

How well has the upgraded system been tested?

We have been thoroughly testing the new system for many months, and our staff undergoing extensive training. As with any new system, there will be an adjustment period, but we are confident we have taken all steps to minimize members' impact.

How do I hide an account?

Check out this quick tutorial on how to hide an account on mobile banking.



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