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Year Round Giving With Family Trust

Published: 12/03/2019

Giving Tuesday kicks off the December holidays as the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In honor, Family Trust is proud to announce that in 2019 we?ve contributed over 130 volunteer hours to over local charities and donated over $100,000!

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A Record-Breaking Year of Golfing and Giving

Published: 11/25/2019

The 2019 Family Trust Annual Charity Golf Tournament celebrated its eleventh year and raised over $30,000 for three charities: Habitat for Humanity of York County, The Rock Hill Education Foundation, and The York County Disabilities Foundation, Miracle Park Project.

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Extra Awards Points for the Holidays

Published: 11/08/2019

How much of your holiday shopping list have you tackled this year? Or did you just start your holiday shopping? Either way, you can earn extra awards points while you're out checking items off your list.

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Family Trust Wins Social Responsibility and Community Service Award

Published: 10/30/2019

Family Trust Federal Credit Union was grateful to receive a first place Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility and Community Service Award from the Carolina's Credit Union League.

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Holiday Money Saving Tips

Published: 10/24/2019

The holidays are a joyful time, but often times they cause unnecessary financial stress. With a budget and planning, your holidays can become a little less stressful

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How To Keep Your Credit Score Strong

Published: 10/03/2019

When you apply for credit, lenders determine your credit risk by examining your credit scores, also known as FICO scores

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Financial Counseling Is Here!

Published: 09/27/2019

Hi! My name is Sharon and it's great to e-meet you! I am the new Financial Counselor here at Family Trust

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Protect Yourself from Fraud

Published: 09/17/2019

To avoid identity theft and account hacking, setup alerts to protect yourself from fraudsters and be wary of the information you share

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Mobile Banking Is Now!

Published: 09/13/2019

It's 2019, so we?re pretty sure your mobile device is a smart phone. But are you utilizing it to its greatest potential? Do you really know how it can make your life easier?

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Account Takeover Attacks on The Rise

Published: 09/06/2019

Account takeovers are commonplace and are on the rise. Barracuda Networks did a study and found that by stealing account credentials for email accounts, attackers can use the information in phishing campaigns and other various objectives.

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Instagram Users Targeted With Most Realistic Phishing Scam To Date

Published: 08/30/2019

Researchers at Sophos have come across another scam targeting Insta-users that is so realistic, it's difficult to determine that it's merely another scam

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Benefits and Perks for Family Trust Credit Cardholders

Published: 08/26/2019

Did you know your Family Trust Visa credit cards give you access to deals and exclusive offers in addition great low rates and no annual, balance transfer or cash advance fees?

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Benefits of Mobile Banking

Published: 08/19/2019

Mobile technology makes on-the-go banking accessible to an account or card holder, anywhere and at any time. Have you downloaded the Family Trust app yet? If not, check it out.

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Growing Your Money

Published: 07/22/2019

Saving money doesn't always have to be hard work. Effortlessly increase your funds by depositing money in a savings account from each paycheck or monetary gift you receive.

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My Ride Partnership Bringing Free Transportation to Rock Hill Community

Published: 07/09/2019

Family Trust is excited to announce a partnership with My Ride, Rock Hill's new free public bus system.

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TruStage? Insurance

Published: 07/02/2019

Family Trust is excited to partner with TruStage to offer insurance to its members. We understand that things happen and we want you to be prepared for every situation.

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Save a Trip with Mobile Deposit!

Published: 06/18/2019

Save time and trips to a branch or ATM when you deposit checks using the Family Trust app and the camera on your smartphone or tablet. Just tap, snap, and deposit!

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Handling the Unexpected

Published: 06/13/2019

Unexpected events can take a toll on your financial security. While you can't predict what experiences, you will encounter in life, there are steps you can take to prepare for the unexpected.

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Mobile Banking Malware Up 300% for Android Users

Published: 06/12/2019

It's not great news for mobile device users. Overall, attacks on mobile devices nearly doubled, from 66.4 million in 2017 to 116.5 million by the end of 2018. Even more disturbing is the huge jump in banking malware attacks involving Android mobile users?up almost 300% since 2017.

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Pirated Apps Target iPhones And The Children Who Use Them

Published: 06/04/2019

Keeping children safe online can be a challenge. The apps kids download, or sideload (for free) from sites outside of the official app stores can unfortunately put them in danger.

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Understanding Mortgages and Rates

Published: 05/30/2019

If you're going to be responsible for paying a mortgage over the next 30 years, you should know more about mortgage payments.

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Skip-Pay Flexibility

Published: 05/30/2019

In order to give members more freedom, members can skip a closed-end consumer loan payment for any month you choose for $25.

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Identity Theft Protection While Traveling

Published: 05/29/2019

Travel can make you especially vulnerable to identity theft. Regardless of where you're visiting, you'll likely be carrying more valuables with you than usual. It's crucial to prepare ahead of time and do what you can to prevent identity theft while traveling.

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Google Chrome App Flaw May Put Your Information At Risk

Published: 05/13/2019

Google Chrome's browser is very popular. There?s a good chance you use it on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, or have used it at one time or another. If you use it on your mobile device, this information is for you.

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Choosing the Right Home

Published: 05/03/2019

You may not find your dream home right away. According to the National Association of Realtors, it takes an average of 10 weeks for home-buyers to find exactly what they're looking for. When you're deciding what type of home is right for you, it's helpful to think long-term.

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Good Friends and Family Celebrate Together at Annual Meeting

Published: 05/02/2019

On Tuesday April 23rd, over 250 members, guests, and employees gathered at the First Baptist Church in Rock Hill to celebrate Family Trust?s 62nd Annual Meeting.

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Using Airport Wi-Fi May Take You For An Unexpected Ride

Published: 04/15/2019

Flying those friendly skies may not be as friendly if you use free airport Wi-Fi. An increase in e-ticket hacking has many unsuspecting travelers wondering what went wrong with their plans.

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Checking Accounts For Teens

Published: 04/05/2019

Do you track your purchases? It may be a bit alarming to see how much they add up to, but it?s an important habit to develop.

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Buying Your First Home: How To Prepare

Published: 03/29/2019

Ready to become a homeowner? Buying a home may be the largest purchase you'll ever make. Before you start house hunting, it's important to understand how owning a home could impact your finances

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Dream Vacation on a Budget

Published: 03/25/2019

Here are some tips for budgeting accordingly, no matter what type of vacation you're planning.

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Tax Time Brings Out Some Of The Worst Scams

Published: 02/22/2019

Every year you can count on one thing happening that probably makes you sigh. It may make you angry, anxious, or frustrated, but the one emotion that rarely makes an appearance for tax time is happiness.

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Weaponized Data Can Lead To Identity Theft

Published: 02/01/2019

We get a lot of mail, even these days when so much of our communication is done electronically. However, those pre-approved credit card applications, loan re-finance offers, bank statements, and the like are all valuable to would-be cybercriminals.

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Are You Ready to Own A Home?

Published: 01/31/2019

Ready to become a homeowner? Buying a home may be the largest purchase you'll ever make. Before you start house hunting, it's important to understand how owning a home could impact your finances.

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Finding the Right Credit Card for You

Published: 01/31/2019

If you've been considering opening a credit card, keep in mind their pros and cons. They can provide security, convenience, and even rewards based on your spending.

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Tax Refund Phishing Scams Still Successful

Published: 01/14/2019

Despite warnings, citizens are still falling for bogus tax refund scams. The most recent discovery was in the involved hackers posing as government tax office officials.

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Three Great Ways To Save Money

Published: 01/08/2019

You've worked hard, so should your savings! Money Market, Certificate and IRA Accounts are terms you are probably familiar with, but do you really know the difference between them? Here's a quick overview of these types of savings accounts offered by Family Trust.

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Three Savings Challenges to Start the New Year

Published: 01/02/2019

It is the time of the year again to make goals and of course find new ways to save money. But, who said you can't have fun while doing it? In these challenges you'll be in a competition with yourself to see how much money you can save in the new year.

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