Banking Local Makes a Difference

Experience, Share and Make a Difference

Banking Local Makes a Difference

Through the stories of our members, employees, and local partners we’re sharing how Banking Local Makes a Difference.

Why Choose Family Trust?

See how banking local makes a difference and listen to the stories of Rhonda, Debbie, Ryan, Mike and Barbara.

Member Story: Rhonda

Member Story: Debbie

Member Story: Mike and Barbara

Member Story: Ryan

Experience The Difference

Members tell us all the time how Family Trust employees take time to really listen and present the best options for what they want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting a small personal loan or buying a house, need a credit card or want to save, we strive to understand you. Isn’t it time you joined?

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“Family Trust is true to its mission. Anytime a member comes in, we want to take care of them and take ownership of their situation. We are sincere and genuine about helping each and every member achieve financial success.”

Member Since 2012

“One benefit of Family Trust is you feel like you’re part of the team. I’m a part of something, I belong to something. Everything they do is to encourage me to be financially healthy. They’ve always helped me reach my financial goals. I believe in Family Trust.”

Member Since 2011

“Family Trust personalizes everything and builds a relationship. You get to know them a little better, quicker. They are a little more personable, which to me is important. It isn’t always about the dollars and cents. It’s about relationships.”

Mike and Barbara
Members Since 2013

“One of the best reasons to bank at Family Trust is because … people actually know who you are. You’ll establish relationships with people who work there. You get to see the impact the credit union has on the community. It’s like being a member of your own family.”

Member Since 2010

Make a Difference

Giving Back

Each year, Family Trust gives more than $50,000 to area non-profits. We also support education – from scholarships and grants to school donations. In 2014, we gave over $31,000 to York Technical College, Winthrop University, and Clinton College.

Giving Back


Family Trust is more than a business. We’re a community that supports our members. You can contribute by voting for the volunteer board of directors, serving on a committee, and donating to our fundraising efforts. We need you.

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Headquartered in York County, Family Trust has a positive impact on the local economy. We pay property taxes and provide jobs to over 130 people who live and shop here. In 2014, we made personal and mortgage loans well in excess of $60 million.

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