Youth board shares lessons about money

Where’s the best place to save money – A) in a piggy bank, B) under the mattress, or C) at a credit union? Kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs of York County know that “c” is the best answer. And they can thank Family Trust’s Youth Advisory Board for the valuable lesson.

Thirteen Youth Advisory Board members taught 30 or so third through fifth graders at Northside Neighborhood Center in Rock Hill about money and saving on April 26. The children were divided into two teams – named Brite and Apollo after our mascots – for the lesson. Later, team members shot a basketball for every review question they answered correctly. Team Apollo won by two points, earning outdoor game sets for the club’s summer program.

“I know money is kind of easy to spend,” said J.T. Brunson, a third grader at York Road Elementary School. “You can be rich if you save it.”

The project is a first for the Youth Advisory Board, a volunteer board formed in 2008 to help Family Trust learn what teens want and need. The 19 members meet monthly and help promote Family Trust at schools and community events.

“I’ve learned better habits,” said member Tommy Austin, a junior at South Pointe High in Rock Hill. “I used to go to the ATM every day, spending more than I make – mostly on food. I still go out to eat, but I monitor it.”

The Boys & Girls Clubs conduct after-school programs in three locations in York County. Activities teach character and leadership, health and life skills, art, sports and fitness, education and career development.

Teaching the children was a great experience, said Michael Cranford, a South Pointe junior. “A lot of kids don’t know about money or how to deal with it. This allows them to get an early start.”