We’re Local and We Like It


You may have seen the news of yet another local bank being acquired to form a larger institution, but we pride ourselves on being a financial partner that won’t get swallowed up by a competitor. We’ve been helping our neighbors for 60 years and are going strong.

PennyAs a member, you already know the difference between a bank and a credit union. We don’t have shareholders to satisfy and our decisions are made right here in York County. Our board of directors are volunteers who represent you.

And we’re experiencing excellent growth, with more than $470 million in assets and over 50,000 members.

We were founded in 1957 by employees of the Rock Hill Printing and Finishing Co. when they struggled to get loans from traditional banks – people helping people. We’re celebrating that same spirit during this year’s anniversary celebration with community projects led by employees.

We encourage you to share the good news and invite your family and friends to join. There couldn’t be a better time as we prepare to upgrade our digital banking platform that will offer account aggregation and exciting budgeting tools.

Call or visit a branch today to discover how we can easily help you find solutions to your financials needs. We’ve been a community partner over half a century and look forward to 60 more.