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Vintage energy tips that can save cash.

With retro fashion all the rage, why not take the trend further and maintain a vintage household, too? Many tips and tricks used by our grandparents—and their parents—to save money have been
lost during the recent decades of cheap energy. These simple tricks of yore can help lead the way to a healthy and financially responsible future.

Turn off the water.
For past generations that didn’t have easy access to running water, letting the faucet run wasn’t an option. The shaving cup was a common household item in the 1800’s. Even in the 1900’s, people stopped the shower before lathering up, and then turned it on again to rinse.

Here comes the sun.
The sun’s natural energy was used to not only dry clothes, but to add a few degrees to the home.
Opening your home’s drapes when the sun is facing the windows, and closing the drapes as the light leaves can introduce more warmth to your house and help to lock it in—thus reducing your heating bill.

Get your hands wet.
In the vintage household, it was customary to wash dishes by hand. By saving the hot water you drain from cooking and using it to pre-wash and degrease pots, clean-up will not only be easier, but more energy efficient.

Jammies and a nightcap.
A good pair of warm pajamas could be found in every nineteenth century wardrobe. Add a matching nightcap, and you’ll stay warm without turning up the heat. Not only will you rock a cool retro look—you’ll also reduce bed head!

From Buckaroo Family Newsletter.