Two receive our MLK scholarships

Family Trust recently awarded two $500 Martin Luther King Jr. scholarships to two non-traditional Clinton College students, Cynthia Long and Patrice Cherry, both of Rock Hill.

“This means a lot,” said Long, 53, of Rock Hill, who is majoring in religion and plans to attend an area seminary when she graduates in the spring. She found time to return to school now that her three children are adults and with children of their own.

“I’m enjoying getting an education,” she said. “It thrills my heart to achieve things for myself.”

Cherry, 52, is working toward a dual degree in religion and business administration. She started religious studies as a way to enhance her Bible studies and felt called to be a minister. She hopes to attend seminary school in the fall.

Her four children and four grandchildren are her biggest supporters. “They don’t want me to give up. They say, ‘Momma, you can do this.’”

Both plan to use the money for miscellaneous supplies.
Family Trust has awarded $15,000 since the scholarship was first offered in 2000.