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Turn summer activities into money moments for your kids


School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your kids’ education has to stop. In fact, summer is the perfect time to teach your children about money. And it requires only a little planning on your part. Check out this list of everyday summer activities that you can turn into teachable money moments:


When the weather’s nice, picnics are a great way to spend a summer afternoon. They’re also the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about how much groceries cost. When you go to the store for food, compare the prices between different condiments, lunch meats, and drinks. You can also teach them about price versus quantity. For example, a small bottle of mustard may cost less than the jumbo, but the bigger size will last longer, and is more valuable.

Going to the movies

Lots of kid-friendly movies get released during the summer. When you take your children to the movies, tell them they have a set budget, and that it has to cover ticket prices and concessions. It’ll force them to think carefully when choosing a 3D option, snack, etc.

Fairs & Theme Parks

Summer is fair season, and a day of fun with games, treats and rollercoasters is a great chance for a money lesson. Before you arrive at Carowinds, talk to your kids about what they want to buy versus their budget for the day. Setting expectations will make them more aware of how much they’re spending.

Visit the credit union

Got old report cards that your child did not get Excellence in Education rewards for (Yep – Explorer’s Club members get $1 for every A on report cards) this school year? Bring it by one of our locations, and we’ll deposit the money into their account. Getting money is always fun, right? Plus, they get a prize with each in-branch deposit.

The lessons don’t stop there. Share your favorite summer money lessons with us.