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The Real Slim Shady

“Will the real slim shady please stand up, please stand up, please stand up.”

My fellow karaoke partakers probably recognize that line from one of my “go-to’s” on an average Friday night.  That being said, that song has absolutely nothing to do with this entry.

This one is all about my assistant, Catherine.  She is the type of lady that refuses to say “you’re welcome” after someone says “thank you,” so this blog might end up meaning a lot to her, but I am sure I will never hear about it if it does.   

Recently, I attended a large investment conference, and I had an experience that made me grateful to have an executive assistant.  Then, once I realized how good she is when compared with her peers, I became overly protective.

No Mr. Headhunter, she does NOT want to talk to you about another position with a competitor!  I don’t care if they are offering 50% more money and will give her Fridays off…she is not interested!

This was the scene:  large room with about 50 other financial advisors listening to a presentation about how to find, recruit, and retain a junior advisor.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, the presenter sidetracks into a “how to work with your assistant” rabbit trail.

“How many people in here have full time assistants?”
About 40 out of 50 raised our hands

“OK, put your hand down when I name an activity that your assistant does NOT do.”

“Answer your phone” 3 hands go down
“Book appointments” 8 more gone
“Call referrals” 10 more gone
“Schedule events and seminars” 5 more down – 14 hands still raised
“Do paperwork” shockingly, 8 more hands went down
“Proactively manage YOU” all hands went down except 2

Myself and one other advisor still had our hands up.  The presenter deadpanned, looked at me, and asked “wow, what do YOU do?”  The crowd laughed, and admittedly, so did I.  The timing was good, and the line was better.

The only answer I could muster was “I manage the accounts, meet with clients and prospects, speak at seminars, and manage my own social media….other than that she does EVERYTHING else.  She does all the things you mentioned, plus confirms my appointments the day before, writes my to-do lists when I return from traveling, keeps the wholesaler phone calls from getting through, manages my calendar, writes thank you notes…..HOW MUCH time do we have left in this session?”

The other advisor agreed with everything I said.  Then, the speaker said to the rest of the room, “we want to get all of you folks to where they are.  That is exactly how all of you should be utilizing your assistant.”

I felt like blurting out “will the real slim shady please keep your hand up?!”

I believe that part of being a self realized person is to know what you are good at, and what you are NOT good at.  The list of things that I am good at is not very long.  Catherine knows this, and she has grown exceptionally good at taking care of all of the things that I am bad at.

There is not enough bandwidth on my blog to list all of the details of what she does.  Suffice to say that I appreciate you, Catherine, and THANK YOU for all that you do.  You make my job easier every day, and Family Trust Investment Services would not run without you. 

THANK YOU….and I know I won’t get a “you’re welcome.”