The Dark Web - Where Your Stolen Information Is


While it is nearly impossible to get around these days without sharing your name and email address, the other information is critical to protect. That is because if it gets stolen, it likely will end up on the Dark Web and from there, your identity could be applied to someone else.

What is the Dark Web? That is a great question. It is the underworld of the World Wide Web. Those who want to play there use special software to connect which allows them to remain mostly anonymous and their activity untraceable. That is why so much of the information that is stolen from businesses around the world is sold there.

So, it is shocking that 715 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2016 (up 16% over the previous year).

There are some things you can do:

  • Put charge alerts and notifications on payment cards. This way, you are made aware of when a charge is made. If you feel a transaction is fraudulent on a Family Trust Card, using the digital banking, log in and turn off your card in “Card Controls.” This way, it will not be active while you are figuring out the issue.
  • Closely monitor your account activity and statements in digital banking. The sooner you bring fraudulent charges to the issuer, the faster it will be resolved.
  • When using debit cards, choose to use them as credit rather than debit when possible. This makes it a bit tougher for the card to be duplicated in case of a system breach at a shopping establishment.

Family Trust helps members avoid identity theft. Our IDProtect provides your credit score and reimbursement for expenses related to identity fraud and offers daily monitoring. It’s free to members over the age of 60 and to members who have Premier Choice Checking. Members can enroll for just $3.95 a month, learn more and enroll here.

Your identity is important, so take the steps to protect it and avoid the stress of identity theft.