New Terms, Limits Approved by the Board


Members of the Board of Directors recently approved a bylaw change that allows them to serve three-year terms instead of two beginning in 2017.

Board members also will be limited to serving three consecutive terms or nine years. After nine years, a director can run again following a one-year absence.

“Term limits allow for a steady rotation of board members while creating opportunities for new representatives to join the board,” said Brown Simpson, board chairman. “The longer term allows board members more time to focus on their duties without having to run for re-election.”

Terms for seats held by board members Erika Bell, Ann Reid and Ron Russell will expire in 2017. Mrs. Reid, who will have served 22 years when her term expires, will be ineligible to run.

A nominating committee will be named in November. Voting for contested races will be held online in early 2017. Visit the website for updates.