Stress Free School Planner


With school starting soon in York County, Family Trust is excited to release this year’s School Planner. It’s colorful on the outside, and has bold, outlined, designs just begging to be colored on the inside — and that’s exactly what we hope our teachers will do!

Each month features uncolored, themed, sidebars that invite recipients to color the designs as they please. This makes each planner truly unique and special, just like our amazing educators. But, coloring these planners is not just for fun. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University suggest that coloring has many of the same benefits as meditation. 1 So, these planners are both fun and stress-relieving too.

This year we printed 8,000 planners for area school districts and many homeschool and private school groups. School districts should receive them today, and we’ll schedule a convenient time for all other planned groups to pick them up next week. They include convenient district calendars and the observed holidays for the upcoming school year. Share your monthly illustrations on our social media, we’d love to see them throughout the school year!