Say "I Do" to a Wedding Budget


We make a budget for groceries, holidays, and everything else so what about our wedding day? We talked with a newlywed about her budget and we are sharing her answers with you. Keep in mind that everyone’s big day is different, but you can budget for it big or small.

Do you have a budget for your wedding? If so, how did you determine it?

Chelseaa: Yes, our parents gave us a number and we worked within that.

Family Trust: Many couples come up with a budget before they begin planning so they have an idea of what they will be spending money on. Family Trust offers a budgeting tool in digital banking that can help you prepare and save for your big day.

What’s one thing you bought for your big day no matter the cost?

Chelseaa: The venue, definitely! We rented out a private space in Columbia, SC so all our close family and friends would be able to attend.

Family Trust: Finding one thing that makes you happy and ensures that your wedding vision comes true is important for your special day.

What did you wind up spending the most money on?

Chelseaa: Food! We wanted to make sure that our guest not only had a good time but also enjoyed the meal and refreshments served.

Family Trust: We all have one thing that we love and will spend the extra cash on, so find that thing for you and make sure it is worth it!

What was at the top of your wedding budget?

Chelseaa: Our honeymoon! We love to travel and we’ve been to the United Kingdom, New York and Puerto Rico to name a few. Traveling is something we both enjoy and wanted to make sure our honeymoon trip to Negril, Jamaica was perfect.

Family Trust: Making a list and prioritizing what is most important to you will ensure that this day is nothing less than perfect for you. Many people plan for their wedding and forget about the honeymoon, don’t forget to put money aside for after your wedding.

Any money tips for future brides?

Chelseaa: Do as much DIY as you can. Save a ton of money! Remember the day is not about everyone else, only the bride and groom. Everyone can’t come on this next phase of your life and that’s ok.

Family Trust: Creating things such as your own invitations or table centerpiece can save you money. Many websites and blogs offer DIY wedding projects that can be done in no time.

Put your budget to work

It’s your money so you have choices when it comes to what you want to do with it. With a wedding you are planning for your future and your finances are a big part in that. A Family Trust money market checking account lets you earn higher dividends on your money while keeping it easily accessible. We all love for our money to work for us, and a Payback savings account offers a higher dividend rate for members who use multiple services. Also, the budgeting tool in digital banking allows you to create budget categories to track your spending and saving at the same time.

Family Trust offers financial guidance to all members and wants to continue to educate its members on how to learn to manage their money responsibly. Your success is our success, to learn more, click here.