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Parent's Night Out: Planning Successful Fundraiser

Many busy parents are eager to enjoy a “kid-free” date night every so often. By sponsoring a “Parents’ Night Out” fundraiser, your organization can raise money, while providing parents with a safe and friendly night of childcare.

Here are a few suggestions to help you plan your fundraiser.

Secure a location.
Find a place with children’s classrooms and toys already available. If your group has a religious affiliation, a church may be willing to host your event
for little or no charge. You can also look into a community center or private school.

Set your price.
If you set a flat rate fee per child, you might lose out on parents who may be willing to give more to your fundraiser. On the other hand, asking for a donation allows for greater generosity, but there’s a potential for being underpaid. A happy medium is to set a suggested donation fee, or have a tip basket in view.

Promote your fundraiser.
Create flyers and be creative with how you spread the word. Include registration information, as well as what ages you’ll be watching. A brief schedule of planned activities will generate excitement. Reach out to parents associated with your organization, as well as community groups where young families can be found. If you have a Facebook page, be sure to spread the word to your fans.