On-The-Go Options in Digital Banking


The speed of information is quicker now than ever. Here are just a few ways Family Trust is helping its members with on-the-go account access.

Check Balance

Another convenience of technology is getting information immediately. Digital banking allows you to quickly see your account balances and account history. Radreka Johnson, an MSC at the Ebenezer Branch, likes the ease of checking her accounts whenever she wants. She says:

“With everyone’s lives so busy and hectic, they might not be able to come to the Credit Union to find out their balance. It’s very convenient to do that in the app!”

See how here.

Responsive Design

Whether you’re using the mobile app or desktop online banking, both now look and function similarly. Ebone’ Simpson, an MSC at our Ebenezer Branch, finds the new design helpful. She says:

“We now have a responsive app design that is easier to use on whatever device you have – phone, tablet, and desktop. Our members like that! Technology is always changing, and we’re moving forward with it.”

Transferring Money and Paying a Bill

It happens to everyone. You need to move money around but, visiting a branch isn’t an option. Or maybe you forgot to pay that bill. Digital banking lets you move money or pay bills from wherever you are.

To transfer money with digital banking using “Transfers” once logged in. You can make quick internal transfers between your Family Trust accounts or external accounts.
To pay a bill, click “Bill Pay,” in digital banking, fill out the information, and submit your payment!

See how here.

Watch our digital banking tutorials here, or feel free to call our member support team at 803-367-4100 with any questions you may have.