New Digital Banking to Ease Saving, Budgeting


You know the basics of budgeting – spend less than you earn. But with our new digital banking platform coming this spring you’ll be able to see how much you spend in any category and track savings at the same time.

The budgeting and savings tools will be available on your desktop, tablet or phone. And it couldn’t be easier or more fun.

Savings goals (002)

Perhaps you’re saving for a family vacation. Set your goal, give it a name and even include a photo (like the ocean for a beach trip). Click a button to calculate how much you’ll need to save each month to reach your goal by the determined date.

You’ll be able to schedule deposits, and get a variety of alerts – when you’re behind, have made a deposit or crossed the finished line. Create as many goals as you like.

Budgets (002)

A first step to creating a budget is understanding where your money goes. The improved budget tool will track your spending when you categorize transactions. Now you can see each month what you spend on anything and everything.

Once you understand your spending, you can determine how and where you can save. Ideas include:

• Refinance mortgage at lower rate
• Get rebates and use coupons
• Eat out less
• Raise thermostat in summer; lower in winter
• Cancel unread subscriptions
• Pay bills on time
• Fix leaky faucets; insulate doors and windows
• Perform car maintenance
• Avoid bank overdraft fees
• Lower insurance premiums by raising your deductible

Our new digital banking will be launched soon so it’s a good time to make sure we have your correct email on file to keep you up-to-date on the changes. Check out this video to learn how: