Mobile deposit a win for members

Now you can join many other Family Trust members who have discovered a convenient new way to deposit checks on your phone. Our mobile deposit feature was launched two months ago and members already have deposited almost $800,000 from their phones.

Ashley G. says she’s glad she doesn’t have to visit a branch or an ATM to make check deposits anymore. She adds that Family Trust call center employees were very helpful when she did have questions.

“I’ve been a member since 2006 and I love the online banking. I have recommended the app to my mother and my brothers.”

David H. says mobile deposit came in handy when he received several checks all in the same week. He was able to deposit his checks without leaving work. He adds that mobile deposit is “extremely easy to use” and that he recommends it to it friends and family.

To learn how to download the MyMobile App and use mobile check deposit, click here.

Once you’ve experienced the convenience of mobile deposit, let us know what you think.