Mobile BillPay and Other Features Available


Members can now make payments using our new mobile Bill Pay feature. Additional new features include viewing previously written checks on the mobile app and an enhanced member-to-member transfer feature. Touch ID will be available on compatible Android devices.

Mobile banking users will still login using your current username and password.

We invite you to give us your feedback on the latest mobile app, and other electronic services you would like to see. Give feedback.

FAQs you may find helpful:

Will I need to update my current mobile banking app?

If your device is set to an automatic update setting, you will not need to update your mobile banking app. If your phone does not automatically update, please see instructions on updating your device.

What information will I need to use mobile Bill Pay?

Mobile Bill Pay allows you to submit bills using the app. New billers can be set up using online banking and the payment information will be saved for future mobile payments. To pay a bill using mobile banking, select “Bill Pay,” then “Pay Bill.”

What information will I need transfer money to another member?

You will need their last name, member number and the two digit code that follows the name of the account (Share ID). For example, most checking accounts include the member number followed by “10”. This is the Share ID.

Once the transfer is confirmed, the funds are transferred immediately.

How do I enable Touch ID?

Using your Android device, press “Settings” on the sign on screen. Select “Fingerprint” or “TouchID” and follow instructions for setup.

I don’t have mobile banking. How can I get it?

Download the app here.

What other online services are coming?

We plan to provide Apple Pay later this year. We will also offer a redesigned mobile app with streamlined features. In the future, we hope to offer loan applications and credit scores through the mobile app.

Earlier this year, Family Trust upgraded its mobile app with a new quick balance feature, touch ID for iOs 8 users, and member to member transfers.