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LPL Account View - Client Information

As some of you may already be aware, we have been selected to participate in a pilot program for the new Account View. On June 24, the old Account View was migrated with a newer version. We want to apologize for not communicating these changes beforehand. We should have done a much better job letting you know what is going on and how these changes would affect you. Our aim is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the service you receive from Family Trust Investment Services.

We want to assure you that the Account View changes do not affect your actual account balances, holdings or data. It’s simply a newer version of the system that was previously used. 

Being part of a pilot program means you are the very first to use and test out this product. This means we need your help by logging in to the new Account View, checking out the updated version, and providing feedback. The new Account View has been previously tested internally at LPL, and is now being rolled out to those advisors who are participating in the pilot program. This consists of 21 offices, 138 advisors/staff, and 3,200+ clients. 

Since this is a pilot program, there will be issues that arise and cause frustration. I know many of you have experienced a great deal of trials trying to login and/or view your accounts.

Not authorized to access Account View: UPDATED 6/26 8:25PM The issue that was leading to this specific message and prevented you from logging in has been fixed. However, LPL is still working on some similar issues that prevent client login. You may see a message such as “Unable to Continue” or “Does not have permission to access”. The root cause of this is related to the addition of multiple accounts with different SSNs (as with a husband and wife).

Unable to view all of my accounts: This issue is due to multiple accounts with different SSNs. There was a manual fix for this, done by LPL. However, this created another problem. Once the accounts were manually added, then you were unable to login. This is related to a data conflict which occurred during the migration.

On Wednesday evening, LPL performed an install which addressed a number of less critical issues that had been discovered since the pilot launch on Monday. On Thursday evening – Friday morning, a second install is planned for the phone number issue and any other issues that are ready for deployment at that time. We hope this will correct the issue where you are unable to see all of your accounts or login.

We will inform you of updates as we receive them. Again, we apologize for the lack of communication regarding these changes. The new Account View will be a useful tool with several enhancements once these issues are resolved. Your patience is appreciated as we work through this together. If you have questions about your account balances and are unable to view them on Account View, please feel free to call or email Matt or Catherine.