Know Your Dough: Insurance made easy

The workshop, “Understanding Home and Auto Insurance,” will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the York County Library on Black Street in Rock Hill. Speakers will be Jim Gill, owner of Gill Insurance Agencies , and David Casey, business development manager at Family Trust Federal Credit Union.

They’ll explain what needs to be covered through auto insurance, South Carolina minimum liabilities, background information required for home insurance, and when personal umbrella liability coverage is needed.

“Insurance can be a complex product and there’s no harm or shame in not fully understanding it,” says Gill. “Most people don’t read a policy until they’ve had a claim denied, and that’s too late. Finding that you don’t have the right kind of coverage or not the coverage you thought you had, can make it much worse.”

“Know Your Dough” is an eight-month series being conducted free by the library and Family Trust the second Tuesday of each month through April. Participants can attend one or all the workshops.

Other workshops will be:

  • Investing with Confidence: Feb. 12
  • Identity Theft: Who’s got Your Number?: March 12
  • Getting Old is Not for Sissies™: April 8

Handouts are provided at every workshop and books on the topic are available for checkout. Register here or call James Sheedy at 326-2187.