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Know Thy Name!!

Every once in a while, something happens that elicits a good belly laugh.  In this business, the ability to add levity to a situation is a true talent. We deal with so many serious, stressful issues so when something happens that makes me laugh, I remember it…and blog it.

Everyone knows that any conversation they have with me is potential blog material, right?

At a recent seminar, an attendee approached me afterwards.  We had the following conversation:

Mrs. DeForge:  “Wow.  What a presentation.  I am very impressed."
Me:  “Thank you so much.  I am glad you enjoyed it.”

Mrs. DeForge:  “You gave me a lot to think about, and if I did not have a GREAT relationship with my advisor, I would want to meet with you.  I LOVE my guy, have been with him for years, and would not consider a change currently.”
Me:  “Great.  That is wonderful. I love providing free meals for people who have no intention of making a changeIt is never my intention to disrupt a good relationship.  I am glad you are well taken care of.”

Mrs. D:  “He is amazing.  He explains things to me, and makes them simple to understand.”
Me:  “This guy sounds like someone I could really learn from.  Just out of curiosity, what is his name?”

she puts her hand on her forehead, looks at the floor, and starts to mumble to herself

“Hmmmm.  If you hadn’t asked me, I could have told him.  His name is…..hmmm…”
“Wow, you must have a GREAT relationship with him…you can’t even remember his name.”

“No, No…now.  I really do.  He is great.”
“What firm is he with?”

“He is with….ummm…something investments.”
“That really narrows it down.”

All she could do was laugh.  She obviously liked her advisor since she used words like GREAT/LOVE/AMAZING.

However, I would submit that if YOU do not know your advisor’s name, then something is definitely wrong with that picture.  Either the person is not contacting you enough, or you are not listening to him/her enough to be able to remember what their name is.

Either way, it is bad.

I will confess that I am not a mental rolodex when it comes to remembering people’s names…but anyone that I say is amazing, I certainly can quote you their name.  Anyone who is great…I can tell you their name.  A person that I LOVE, I can explain what their bedroom looks like from the tree outside their house.

Just kidding folks…I am no peeping Tom.  Just some levity…

So, the next time you brag about someone, please make sure you know the name.

Something to think about…or, as I did, laugh about.