Keep Your “Smart Life” Safe


Living the “smart life” is gaining popularity among busy households and those who appreciate the convenience technology offers. It’s great to lock and unlock your house, adjust the A/C, and reorder items all from your phone or other smart device. However, the growing popularity of smart technology means one thing for sure – hackers take notice and figure out how to undermine it.

With each smart home product on the market offering different household controls, there’s one thing they all have in common – a smart hub. These are the control systems for security, electricity, heating and cooling, and more. Experts believe these hubs could lack security. Because of this threat, it’s advised to download and apply any updates as soon as you purchase your smart device.

There are other precautions a smart homeowner can take while waiting for security to catch up:

  • Never use the default hub password. Change it immediately. Use a complex password and change it on a regular basis.
  • Choose a smart device that that uses two-factor authentication (2FA). This should be utilized whenever available.
  • Don’t share sensitive information about your smart devices, especially serial numbers.
  • Never use second-hand smart devices. You never know if their security has already been compromised.

Integrating smart devices into your home can make life easier, just make sure you take proper steps to securely use them.