Is a Reloadable Card a Good Option for You?


A reloadable debit card is a great option when it comes to budgeting, travel, and helping your children manage their money. Now, Family Trust reloadable cards are easier than ever to use. We decreased the minimum load value from $20 to now only $10, and increased the maximum load value to $5,000. We decreased the minimum purchase age to 16 instead of 18 and now have no monthly reload fees.


Prepaid cards start with a zero balance and are then loaded with cash before paying for purchases, bills, and other expenses. When the card’s balance drops to zero again, you can’t use it until you load more funds onto the card. That makes it easy to load the card with only the funds you need to cover your expenses for a given period and reduces the risk of overspending. A prepaid card is ideal for managing regular, budgeted expenses like groceries, clothing, utilities, and entertainment.


Vacations can be expensive and without a budget, it’s easy to overspend. Avoid this by loading your vacation budget straight onto a reloadable card. You can use a prepaid card and withdraw money from an ATM if you need cash. Be sure to consider foreign ATM fees in your travel budget and don’t forget to notify Family Trust if you are traveling.

Children’s Allowances

Parents can load a preset dollar amount onto kids’ cards every month. This encourages them to decide how they want to spend their money. With a reloadable card, it’s also easier to track their spending activities and since transactions are date and time-stamped, you can get insight into where and what they’re buying.

College Funds

Reloadable cards are widely accepted at many businesses and will stop spending once the balance reaches $0. Unlike giving your college student a credit card, if they accidentally mishandle the card, it won’t affect anyone’s credit score. Another great thing about giving your student a reloadable card while away at college is that you can transfer money to the card when they need it.

Family Trust’s Visa® Reloadable Cards provide a safe place to keep your money and help you manage your finances. They’re easy to load, convenient to use, and unlike credit cards, there’s no need to fill out an application or complete a credit check. Better yet, you can only spend what you put on the card, so you don’t need to worry about overdrafting. To learn more about Family Trust reloadable cards, click here.