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Let me be clear – if you ever mutter the word “hashtag” audibly, you should be the brunt of a prison riot. For those that do not know, the hashtag is this: *%{color: #003366}#%*

It is a commonly used symbol on Twitter, and I am a Twitter fanatic fact, I think Twitter might rule the world one day…but I digress.

The concept was NEVER meant for anyone to actually say the word “hashtag” out loud. It is simply a way to categorize things so that they can later be found in a search. For example, if I want to know what people are saying about the ongoing debt ceiling crisis, I could search #debtceiling, and all of the comments pertaining to that topic would be displayed, making it easy to read about it.

However, somehow, some way this epidemic has spread to REAL LIFE, and people are actually saying it out loud. 

This video, featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, should show why that is not a good move.

That is all for now. #venting