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Greatest of All Time

There have been so many articles written about Mariano Rivera’s pending retirement, that I won’t even try to say something new. It has all been written.

The one thing that sticks out to me is that I got to personally watch, who I believe, it not only the greatest closer of all time, but the best PITCHER of all time. The stats back me up, both basic stats and advanced stats. Not on video, not from stories from my father, but I got to watch with my own eyes a perfect example of how to conduct yourself both on and off the field.

How lucky am I? Blessed. Thank You Mo.

However, beyond the greatness of Mo on the field, I believe that he is an even better person off the field. In a world full of greedy, narcissistic athletes busy walking a balance beam between womanizing and HGH, Mo was different. He IS different.

Without getting too specific into why I think he is different, do a Google search and read about how he was raised, what his spiritual beliefs are, and how he has breathed life into everyone he has ever known. If CLASS and CHARISMA became one, it would be Mariano.

His manager, Joe Girardi, said it best. “He made us all better.”

He wasn’t talking about on the baseball field.

What a legacy.

Mo – I cannot thank you enough for the memories, and I am looking forward to meeting you one day. It probably won’t be on this Earth, as I have no way to contact you.  It will probably be in GLORY.  When we meet, I plan on giving you my own hug, except you won’t be the one weeping.