Explorer's Club account pays off


Aislyn Leary just opened her Explorer’s Club savings account and already she’s seen a big return: she won the drawing for two Carowinds season passes at our June celebration.

With $10 in her account, the rising third grader can’t decide if she’s saving for a snow cone cart or a mermaid tail. She plans to share the passes with her brother, Elim, who also got an account that day.

Their mother, Whitney, a Family Trust member for many years, made a special point of opening the children’s accounts during the event that rewarded children ages 8 to 12 $2 for every A on their report card. Children opening an account or bringing a friend who opened an account were entered in the contest.

It’s easy to join the Explorer’s Club at any branch. All you need is the child’s Social Security number. Children 7 and under receive a $5 deposit on each birthday and a prize each time they visit the branch.

Aislyn is excited to have her first Carowinds season pass. The eight-year-old wants to ride Fury 325 although she might have to stand on her tippy-toes to meet the height requirement.