Projects for 60th Off to Rousing Start


We kicked off our 60th Anniversary with plans to serve our communities, and employees have embraced the idea. So far, more than 30 employees have put in over 470 hours on 11 projects. More are planned.

Projects have included Relay for Life, sports competitions to raise money for charities, a chili cook-off for a school foundation, Special Olympics, a Giving Garden for a homeless shelter, and participation at regional credit union program that raised money for Ronald McDonald houses.

Members helped too by donating canned goods for Project Hope at our annual meeting.

To support the effort, Family Trust now allows employees to use eight hours of work time to volunteer – although most hours so far have been contributed by employees during their own weekend time.

“If I can make a positive impact and inspire just one person, the time is well spent,” says April Tate of the Human Resource department. “I believe that giving your time to someone in need, humbles you and I take great pride in being able to volunteer and serve those around me.”

CEO Penny Pratt praised the efforts and looks forward to more through the rest of year.
“Our employees exemplify the credit union sprit every day – not only on their jobs but through what they do for their neighbors. We couldn’t be more excited about their efforts and look forward to more.”

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