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Do's and don'ts of buying in bulk

Buying in bulk can have great financial benefits, but if not done right, you can find yourself wasting money instead of saving it.

DO: Buy things that won’t go bad.
If you have a small family, buying things such as pastries, cheese, or huge cans of food that you can’t freeze for later use can be wasteful. Anything you buy in large amounts should either be non-perishable (toilet paper, garbage bags, flour, sugar) or something you can freeze.

DON’T: Clutter your home.
The last thing you want is for your home to look like a warehouse. Wait until you’re running low on a certain item before making extra purchases. Don’t buy more food than you can fit into your freezer or pantry.

DO: Make a meal plan.
If you’re buying enough food for a month, plan out your meals before you make any purchases. Buy items that you can use in multiple meals instead of just one or two.

DON’T: Bulk shop every week.
Limit bulk shopping once a month. Shop for extra fruits and veggies that you need weekly at a smaller store. Weekly bulk shopping increases the chance of buying things you don’t need, costing you more in the long run.

To be a successful bulk shopper, all it takes is a little planning.