Credit score very important. What's yours?

Used to be, no one paid much attention to their credit score or its impact on their pocketbook. Today, most folks know that the score is used not only for mortgages and credit cards, but by potential employers and insurance and utility companies. You can learn all about it at a Know Your Dough workshop in October.

The free workshop, “How to Improve Your Credit Score,” is the second in our Know Your Dough:Inspiring Financial Freedom money management series being conducted by Family Trust and the York County Library. Jennifer Panther, Family Trust’s certified financial counselor, will conduct the workshop beginning at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 9, at the library on Black Street in downtown Rock Hill.

“The bottom line is that your credit score touches all aspects of your financial life. The better your score, the more you can save,” said Jennifer. “I can help you understand what makes up the score and how to decipher the credit report. It doesn’t have to be a mystery.”

Know Your Dough workshops will be held the second Tuesday of each month through April. Participants can attend any one session or all of them. Advance registration is requested.

Other workshops will be:

  • Home Buying Made Easy: Nov. 13

  • Auto Buying Basics: Dec. 11

  • Understanding Home and Auto Insurance: Jan 8

  • Investing with Confidence: Feb. 12

  • Identity Theft: Who’s got Your Number?: March 12

  • Caring for an Aging Parent: April 9

Books on topics will be available for checkout at each workshop.

Click here to reserve a spot for the October session.