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Creative gifts kids can make.


There’s nothing nicer than a homemade gift from a child. Not only does it encourage creativity, but also shows that not all gifts need to be expensive.

With a little creativity, kids have plenty of options for free and inexpensive gifts. If you’re trying to help a youngster come up with gift ideas, check out these projects for inspiration.

Kids’ Talent Show
Items needed: chairs, musical instruments, props, costumes, etc.
Create a stage by setting up rows of chairs facing an open space. Kids can make tickets and programs, and invite family members to see the performance. Kids can play an instrument, sing, act out a skit, read a poem, juggle, dance, rap, or tell jokes.

Chore Coupons
Items needed: index cards, crayons or markers, hole punch, binder rings
Decorate index cards and write down a different chore on each one (hint: help your child pick chores that aren’t already their responsibility). Punch a hole in the corner of each card and join them together with a binder ring. Parents now have “coupons” they can redeem.

“Reasons I Love You" Notebook
Items needed: notebook, crayons or markers, glue, decorative craft supplies
Decorate the cover of an inexpensive notebook with photos, paper, ribbons, buttons and stickers. Have your child write “Reasons I Love You” or a similar message on the cover. Inside, write a different reason at the top of each page such as: “I love you because you help me with my homework,” “You’re the best joke-teller,” or “I love your peanut butter cookies!” Decorate each page to match the sentiment.