Chip Debit Card Requires Your Attention


The season promises to be busy at Family Trust as many of our members take summer vacations and prepare for the back-to-school rush. During this time we’re launching an updated Premier Choice Checking account, and will soon reissue all our Debit cards with chip-enabled technology to better protect your data.

While we have many significant changes coming soon, the new Debit cards – sometimes called an EMV card – will require more action on your part since we’ve made an important decision to give you a new card number, PIN, expiration date and security code. You’ll be required to activate the new card within 60 days of receipt and make necessary changes with any bill you pay automatically with Visa Debit. You’ll also need to make changes with online shopping sites like Amazon so payments you have set up go through on time. Check out our list of FAQs to learn more.

Why? Why? Why are we doing this? Yes, this process may be inconvenient but it is extremely necessary in our fight to protect your card information from being stolen. With the numerous breaches experienced across the country, it’s hard to know when fraudsters might strike and who is vulnerable. Issuing Debit EMVs with completely new numbers is a great time for everyone to start fresh.

We’ve recently introduced other ways for you to wage your own fight against data theft. Not only do we offer card controls through mobile banking but we’ve also provide fraud prevention alerts: that send a text, email and phone call when fraud is suspected on your card. And, of course, we urge everyone to use electronic banking that enables you to spot fraud more quickly.

The chip Debit card is just one more tool available that helps us protect you. And the security of your information is very important to us. Enjoy your summer and be safe. And if we can help you in any way, just give us a call or visit a branch.