Changes coming to Family Trust


“The future ain’t what it used to be!”

These words from Yankees great Yogi Berra were just some of his wit and wisdom remembered when he passed away last September. How true are his words today?

The Kiplinger Letter in 2005 predicted how innovative technology would change our lives over the next 10 years. Many of the predictions involved the advent of smart phones. And today we can get audible directions audibly from Siri, real-time traffic reports via satellite, and live video all over our telephone.

This year Kiplinger updated its 10-year look into the future and guess what …. It ain’t what it used to be. Predictions include intelligent mattresses that automatically adjust temperatures and measure the quality of your sleep among other things. Also included is the intelligent refrigerator. It keeps inventory and creates a shopping list of the things needed, places the order at your grocery store and then debits the account of your choice. The groceries are then delivered to your door.

To keep pace with evolving technologies in banking and finance, Family Trust will be releasing some new features this spring and summer. New Visa™ Debit cards with the EMV security chip, a sleeker version of our mobile banking product, and a new Bill Pay product that eventually will include person-to-person transfers (P2P) are just a few of the new things coming.

We also are working on an account aggregation feature for online and mobile banking that will allow you to import your account data from other financial institutions so you can see your total financial picture in one page. For example, you could see your company 401(k) and your financial investments on the same page as your checking, Payback Savings, and your mortgage loan.

Of course, some changes may not be as welcome as others. Eliminating some things enable us to create new products that our members have said they value. We’ll give you plenty of notice to help you make the transition.

From my experience, the things gained always outweigh anything I may have lost. Embrace the future! It ain’t what it used to be.