Card Safety And Tips For Your Vacation


When packing for your next trip to the beach or overseas, keep a few tips in mind when using your cards.

Before You Leave

  • For your protection, your card could be blocked when it’s used in places that don’t reflect your usual activity. Let Family Trust know ahead of time by completing the secure Travel Notification form in digital banking. Provide your travel dates and states or countries you intend to visit, if headed out of the US. We’ll authorize your designated cards for those dates and destinations only.
  • Check the credit limit for each card you take with you. If going to another country, the exchange rate differences may cause you to overcharge on your cards.
  • Make copies of both sides of your cards and keep them separated from your actual cards and hidden as much as possible. This will make it easier to replace and report to local authorities and the Embassy.

While Traveling

  • Carry your cards and identification documents safely. Put wallets in front pockets and carry bags and purses in front of you, across your body. Money belts are another option. Backpacks are easy targets for pickpockets. If you carry one, carry it in front of you.
  • Check your card accounts to make sure there are no unauthorized charges. This is easy to forget when vacationing.
  • Never leave your cards unattended and cover your PIN numbers when entering them into keypads. Take a quick look at the ATMs as well to ensure there are no card skimmers attached to them.

Lost or Stolen Card

  • If abroad and you find your payment or identification card missing, immediately report it to Family Trust by calling 1-800-682-6075, the local police, and the US Embassy. When you get home, contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit to report the stolen cards. Also file a report using the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit, Form 14039. This is to mitigate any potential identity theft effects.
  • The card control feature in Family Trust digital banking lets you disable your credit or debit card and turn it back on with the swipe of a button. Use it to immediately disable a lost or stolen card.

Give us a call us if you have any questions at 803-367-4100. Safe travels!